sam kingston

The Wine List - A wine tasting filtering tool

React | Node | Express | mongoDB

image of the 'The Wine List' app

I built this webapp using the MERN stack to help staff at a restaurant I work at learn the wine list.

The Wine List Source Code

Whats in your fridge? - A recipe search engine

Node | EJS | Express

image of the 'Whats in your fridge' app

I built this webapp using nodejs with express for the back-end. Plus Embedded Javascrip for the front end. Often we dont know what to do with the extra ingredients slowly reaching their expiration date in the fridge or pantry. This app offers up a recipe suggestion using the ingredients you type into the search bar. I orginally built this whole application on the front end and switched to using express when I realised I needed to store my API key securley. A challenge during building this project was that the Spoontacular API doesnt provide cooking instructions for it's recipes in the same object, it requires two seperate API calls. To combat this I used axios and asynchronous programming to search for the same recipe's cooking directions using a unique ID that came with the inital data set. Sometimes, Spoontacular didnt even include cooking instructions. To combat this, I used a conditional to redirect and search for an alternate recipe using the same ingredients.

Whats in your fridge? Source Code

Wu Lorem Ipsum - A text generator

Vanilla JS | CSS | HTML

wu tang text generator website

This small web application is a modern take on a Lorem Ipsum Generator. What is Lorem Ipsum? In publishing, web and graphic design, Lorem ipsum is a placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate the visual form of a document or a typeface without relying on meaningful content. It may be used as a placeholder before a final copy is available. Traditional Lorem ipsum text is derived from sections of Cicero's "De finibus bonorum et malorum". Instead, I created a database of classic hip-hop lyrics from one of my favorite rap groups The Wu Tang Clan to use in place of Cicero's latin. If you're interested in reading more into my workflow and taking a look at the code I wrote to make the generator work then please visit the Github link below.

Wu Lorem Ipsum Source Code

OLDROYD Restaurant - Website

image of project - old royd website

Oldroyd was a small local restaurant located in the heart of London, England that I built a website for. This webpage is fully responsive and built with a mobile-first design principle. This was a big step up in design from their previous website. I chose to avoid using frameworks here due to the requirements of the site being so small. So it's all hand-coded HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Oldroyd Source Code